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.:informed opinions on all things scientific:.

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Welcome to the Lunar Society, a casual gathering of opinionated, imaginative, and thinking Homo sapiens! This forum is a place to share ground-breaking scientific advancements, challenge popular assumptions, pontificate on your own pet theories, or discuss the cultural, spiritual, and societal implications of current advances in science and technology.

The Lunar Society was a discussion club in the popular "salon" style of the eighteenth century, founded in 1755 by prominent inventors and industrialists of the day, including Erasmus Darwin (Charles' grandfather), Matthew Boulton and James Watt (founders of the steam engine and creators of the first modern factories), Joseph Priestly (discoverer of oxygen), Josiah Wedgewood (credited with the industrialization of pottery manufacture), and others. They met monthly to conduct casual experiments, share ideas on new technology and theories, and develop theories of their own. Its members are often credited with setting the Industrial Revolution in motion.

There is only one rule in this community: be respectful of fellow community members. Always keep in mind that this is a discussion community, and its integrity is based on what people bring to the table. Debate and disagreement are a large part of this and discussions are likely to be heated at times, particularly when dealing with personal issues like intelligent design vs. evolution, for example. Take others to task, but do so respectfully and articulately. Anticipate that others may react strongly to what you have to say, and be prepared to defend your statements.

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